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Monday, June 22, 2009

Diet or Supplements

Diet or supplements, that is the question. Which way is the best way to go? I feel that it is important to do both. Why? Because we don't get everything we need from our diet. We may try, but honestly, the majority of people either don't have the time to prepare their meals in a way that will not destroy all of the nutrients or they simply can't afford it. Most people are not aware that they should be eating for their blood type. Doing so will help to ensure that the body will be able to properly absorb and process the nutrients from the foods ingested.

Eating healthy on a daily basis can get rather expensive. Organic foods are in my opinion the best choice and are becoming more and more popular because of all of the scares we see on television. E. coli seems to contaminate everything from strawberries to candy to peanut butter. We have to be so very careful.

While some people may be able to visit a local grocer that offers locally grown produce it may be quite difficult for others to gain access to organic foods. That is where supplements come in. Supplements are not intended to be your diet but to be exactly what their title suggests - supplements. I want to stress the importance of finding an honest, reputable company when buying supplements. There are many to choose from so you need to make sure that the company you choose sets and maintains the highest standards for all of their products.

Personally, I like Nature's Sunshine and have been with them for approximately 5 years. I purchase all of my supplements from this company. You can get more information about the company and their products by clicking this link: Lisa Ray Herbal Specialist . You will also find a very handy tool called the Health Analyzer . This tool makes choosing the right supplements very easy.

Finding the right diet or supplements for you is important. We are not all exactly alike, nor do we have the same health concerns. We as individuals need a diet that is compatible with our blood types to get the best nutritional value from our diets. Maintaining a proper PH balance is also paramount to our good health. One can look at proper diet and supplements as a supplementary plan to your existing health care plan. One that will save you not only in cost for doctor visits, but also in the cost of prescription medication. When you are healthier you don't have to go to the doctor as often and don't need as many medications. The health care problems facing our nation today are rather scary. Using natural supplements with proper diet and exercise will make your health care plan the best health care plan.

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