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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preventing H1N1 and Swine Flu

Swine Flu and H1N1 Virus are major health concerns for our country. Fear and unease are spreading as the fall season is on its way and bringing the dormant viruses with it. Prevention is on everyone's minds but what exactly can we do? Actually, there are several ways to minimize contracting these and many other illnesses. We can take certain precautions like minimizing our exposure in public places, building up our immune systems and using hand sanitizers and other preventive products.
Here are a few suggestions that may help you to feel safer:
  • Coughing into the crook of your arm or covering your mouth with a handkerchief may help prevent the spreading of germs.
  • Washing your hands afterwards or using a hand sanitizer will also help. My favorite hand sanitizer is Silver Shield Gel (24ppm) with new Silver Sol technology. Silver Sol technology is the only product patented for use against viruses. The patent number is 7135195 and can be verified at the US Patent Office on line. Silver Shield Gel can be applied on the hands as you would an ordinary hand sanitizer. It may also be applied to all orifices including applying a small amount inside the nostrils. This hand sanitizer will kill viruses and other pathogens for up to 4 hours even when dry. It is also moisturizing and contains no alcohol to dry the skin like other hand sanitizers (1).
  • Building your immune system will aid in resistance of viruses and other sicknesses. Multiple body systems such as the digestive system, circulatory system and others make up the immune system. They work together in a complex process to protect from toxins and microbes. Exercise will help with the lymphatic system and other systems as well. Proper diet is a major factor in maintaining the immune system. When not able to have a balanced diet on a daily basis, supplements such as Silver Shield Liquid (18 ppm), Thai-Go, Nature's Noni and Black Currant Oil may help to build, maintain and support the immune system on many levels. Contact an Herbal Specialist or Natural Health Consultant for more information regarding which supplements are right for you.
I would like to give you some important information about Silver Shield Liquid (patent # 7135195). Page 19 of Patent 7135195 states that it can be used effectively as an alternative to antibiotics (1). This is important because many strains of viruses are becoming antibiotic resistant.

Silver Shield Liquid with patented Silver Sol technology may be used on a daily basis to aid in the prevention of H1N1 Virus and Swine Flu. It is safe and EPA approved as non toxic to humans(1). It is also EPA approved for use against hospital Staph and Bubonic Plague. It does not metabolize in the body like other silver solutions may do. It can be safely used to sanitize drinking water and household surfaces(1).

Lisa Jo Ray
Herbal Specialist
Independent Distributor Nature's Sunshine Products

1Dr. Gordon Pederson PhD The Perfect Shield

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